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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Frame the Lace

I just love vintage lace!  I had this long scarf-like ecru piece of lace, which has several holes in it, but I would never just toss anything like this out!

Even non-creative people like me can do this craft project!  Yes, I consider this a craft project in my little world!

I folded up the pretty lace, stuck it in an inexpensive frame covered with glass, and there you have it!

Jen's craft project!

Have fun!



croneandbearit said...

Hi sweetie - What a great idea on the lace. I have some left-over lace I bought when we lived in Belgium - now all I need is a pretty frame! Voila! I love your shop and will be visiting again soon as I'm re-decorating my living room and in need of "vintage" goodies!! Cheers! Linda

jenscloset said...

Thanks Linda!! :)