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Friday, May 15, 2009

It's Friday!

Who doesn't love Friday!? Everyone is just in a better mood on Friday! Friday means the weekends almost here!

If you really want to have fun on Friday's you must join Twitter if you haven't already! It's one big party all day and night! And there's this fun thing called "follow friday" where twitter friends will have they're suggestions on twitterers to follow! I've been very lucky to have wonderful twitter friends adding me to their follow friday's (thanks guys!).

When I was working (laid off last year), I worked Monday-Thursday..so my Thursday was kind of like my Friday! Come to think of it, I still love Thursday's! We have what we call "treat day" on Thursday! My husband (who works very close to our house), brings home some yummy lunch, from one of several of our fav places! Thursday is also the best night for tv for me! I love Ugly Betty, Greys Anatomy, The Office, & 30 Rock. What makes Thursday even more fun is the "Vintage Vixen" thread that starts up on Thursday nights (anyone is welcome to join in!), headed by SurrenderDorothy (on twitter you can find her under surrendrdorothy). What a fun group of people!

Okay, so what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Friday! Yes...I love Friday! My daughter and her boyfriend, Derek, and their adorable dog, Cosmo (long haired chihuhuah-I know I spelled it wrong), usually come from Columbus at least one weekend a month! So that makes Friday night even more fun! Lindsey and I usually end up doing lots of fun shopping on Saturday and spending more than we should, but who cares..it's fun!

So..I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! If you're not...well you need to!

Happy Friday...we should try to have a Friday attitude everyday, don't you think!?

Take care,



Sweetpea4Kids said...

Im new to your blog, so just thought I'd say hello. Love a Friday. Hope your having a nice weekend.

Zoom Album Ellen said...

Hi Jen! Totally love Thursdays too...I'll check out the Vintage Vixen thread. Thanks for letting me know. Btw, I have my recycled bottlecap pendants finally posted on Etsy...just figuring it out there :)