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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It's a Dog's Life!

Ever see a dog hanging his head out of the window of a car? I'm sure you have! Have you ever thought...wow! that dog is sooo happy!!...and then felt a little jealous!!?

My daughter Lindsey was here last weekend and, of course, had Cosmo, her long haired chihuhua (I refer to him as my grandpuppy). He's adorable!

So we took him out in the backyard and he does this thing where he rolls around in one spot, not sure what the excitement is, but he loves it! Check out his tail in one of the pics...what a great feather duster it would make! It picked up all those things that come out of the trees-not sure what they are but they always fall at this time of year..quite funny! (Don't worry, we were able to brush all of it out and he was good as new!).
Okay, so my point is...try thinking like a dog! Be happy in the moment! Be excited about the little things in life! I am not saying you should hang your head out of the car window, especially if you're the driver. Just get that "hang-your-head-out-the-car-window" feeling!

So you too can have a "dog's life"...have a "treat", go for a "walk", oh...please do not hang your tongue out of your mouth and pant. Please do not roll around in one spot in the grass either. Leave that stuff for the dogs, that's their job.

Have fun..happy weekend!



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2kute said...

he is so cute, I love puppies ^_^

jen said...

thanks so much rustic diva designs and rp gardens for my blog award!

Mina Maundrell said...

ohhh lovely dog :)

Mossy said...

love me some dogs - both my border collie and yellow lab bark in a southern accent (LOL) Your blog is precious.......