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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

I guess it would be a cliche to say I've been reborn within this last year! Sorry..but it's true! Wow! Without going into negative things that have happened, I'll just say, I've certainly learned who my real friends are, and I would rather have just one true friend, than a billion pretend friends!

Last May 20th I was fresh off a layoff from a job I had forever (off and on between children and other things!) I had just started my Etsy shop and not sure what I was doing! I knew a few things; I have always had a fondness for antiques...okay..it has always been a passion! Even as a child visiting my wonderful great-Aunt Esther in Rye, New Hampshire, in her 250 year old home! What a glorious place! What a glorious hostess she was too! That was actually our homestead, and the city of Rye purchased it as a museum. I haven't been back to see what's happened to it, but I think I should!

I am going to ramble as usual, and go back to the friend thing! Friends..guess who's still here!? My family! My best friend/daughter drove here 2 1/2 hrs from Columbus on the day I found out I was laid off to be with me...how is that for a friend!? It still brings me to tears when I think about how sweet she was..thank you Lindsey!

So...that night I decided I could be defeated...or...maybe, just reinvent my life. Go for what I ws truly passionate about! Now looking back, I think this entire year was meant to be! I will not say it's been easy! I'm...well...I'm a little over 40 (!), but I feel like I've been reborn and have actually never been happier!

I've spent this year working on my two shops, http://www.jenscloset.etsy.com/ and http://www.mymilkglassshop.etsy.com/ and...working on myself. That includes working out like crazy, not to be some 20-something girl..that won't happen! I did it more for the mental strength it gives me. If I can motivate just one person...just one..to take that step to their local rec. center or gym (believe me I know it's hard to do), I will be happy!

I guess if I would have just continued on at my job, I would be just fine, but now I'm more than fine! Who would have believed it! I was devasted (it was actually on Valentines Day that I was given then axe by a woman eating a cupcake!). Here I am! I'm still alive...oh...more than alive! I am reborn! So...

I don't care what age you are, what your circumstances are (believe me I know there are woman out there with worse circumstances than mine that have made it-and those are the true women to admire)...you can do it!

So Happy Birthday to me..I am One Year Old tomorrow!

Oh...and thanks to my twitter friends...I don't care how silly others feel about that-you have given me support and encouragement and I love all of you!!

Best wishes to all...remember to try to be kind to others, it's actually pretty easy! Smile at a stranger! You never know what they're going through, and that smile just might help them!



backhomeagain said...

You are amazing! This post reminds me of the one you wrote about your dad a few weeks ago. You have an amazing spirit and are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing Jen...

Lindsey said...

Hehe by a woman eating a cupcake...i forgot about that! Happy b-day!

AmyCarp said...

Happy Birthday Jen!