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Monday, September 29, 2008


I really wanted everyone to win...but I let the random generator pick from 1-20, that's how many comments there were...and #16 won!! That is "jen" "10oneworld on etsy"!! I'll try to get a hold of the winner, but if you're out there somewhere, contact me!! As soon as I get your address, this cute little green hen will be on it's way to his new home!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE that commented! You guys has some fun..and funny comments! I will be having another giveway within the week so keep watching!!

congrats to jen-10oneworld on etsy!!

Best wishes to all!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Pictures

Whoops, I wanted to add these pics too!

It's Dinner Time!

First, I would like to say how excited I am to have some many of you interested in my little hen! But it's going to make me sad that only one of you can win...so I am definitely going to have another giveway!

I love to cook! I find it's usually healthier and cheaper, just to make it myself. Don't get me wrong..I love to eat dinner out occassionally. We have a favorite tiny little Italian restaurant that we love, called Bucci's. I usually get pasta primavera there!

I decided to take some pictures of the dinner I made tonight, but I really can't take good night pictures, they were either too bright with the flash, or too dark w/out the flash. I'm hoping to find somewhere to take photography lessons. Okay...anyways..just use your imagination! I'm adding some of the pics even though they're a little blurry..the food was good and that's what counts!

I made a spinach salad (I love spinach) and added red pepper, radishes, celery, red onion, strawberries (yes, strawberries), green olives and black olives, yummy little tomatoes...I know I'm missing something, but anyways..it was so good! Oh...and notice the size differences in the salads!? My husband has been having stomach problems so he can't eat too much at one time..so sad!

I also love to make salad dressing..just use your imagination!! It's healthier, and again, less expensive! I just added some red wine vinegar, some gourmet mustard, honey, and olive oil, a little garlic salt, and pepper, and whisked that up!

For the scallops, we had the small ones. I started with olive oil and just a touch of butter (gotta have it~!)..cooked the scallops on medium heat for maybe about 4 minutes, then turned them over and cooked them for awhile on the other side..I like them to get a little brown crust on them. I also added some red onion, but I have also sauted up a bunch of veggies and put that over the scallops or salmon (my favorite).
Oh--and be sure to sprinkle fresh lemon on the scallops! I used some really pretty...and very old..bowls that were my Grandmothers...use your pretty stuff..I keep having to remind myself to do that!

How's that!?

Please feel free to share recipes!! I'm addicted to the food channel..it is always on in our house!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Don't Forget About the Giveaway

You still have time to add your comment..not sure how I'm going to pick a winner...but the cute hen is the grand prize!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I have decided to open a 2nd shop...thanks Lindsey (my daughter and best buddy), for persuading me!
My new shop will be so full of the most delicious milk glass..right now, only 4 items, but just you wait!

My second giveway will be milk glass to celebrate my new shop!! But before the contest, you need to comment on the 1st contest..which will end soon!

Thanks to all of my new blogging friends for visting!

You're all so sweet!


Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well...homecoming is tonight! I took lots of pictures! The 2nd one is of my two beautiful daughters, Lindsey and Katherine! Katherine is 15 and all dressed up for the homecoming dance! You would not believe how many dresses we bought...and how many I returned,until she had finally decided on this gorgeous blue one...until...she saw a prettier one at the dillards website..so I went and picked it up as a surprise for her. It looked beautiful! I even posted a pic or two on my flickr account!

Well, guess what! She started having 2nd thoughts, and found a dress that Lindsey had, that she got a few years ago at urban outfitters, with the tags still on it! (Yes...all three of us our quite the fashionistas!...I have a whole room dedicated to my clothes). So this pic you see of Katherine, is her with Lindsey's dress! We will probably keep the pink one from Dillards for the winter formal!

Katherine and all of her friends looked absolutely adorable...!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Friday, September 19, 2008

I feel so bad!

My daughter, Lindsey, just got here, from Columbus, and saw my hen that I'm giving away...and she practically laughed, no wait, she did laugh! She said.."this is the hen you're giving away".and I answered, yes, why!? and she said "it looks huge on your blog!"

So now I feel bad..I didn't mean to mislead anyone..of course it couldn't be a huge hen, the shipping would be crazy! This little green guy is adorable, no matter what his size is..but you want to know his size?

okay-here it is--is approx 3 3/4" in length and from bottom to the top of his head he is almost 3 1/2" tall! He's cute!!

I'm so happy to have 10 comments..I feel so popular! I love this giveaway idea so much, I'm trying to think of what I will giveaway next!

Also...I think it's a great idea to feature people on their blogs, which I've done..and I have been featured on other blogs. So...that will be my next endeavor..feature more of you talented Etsyians on my blog...handmade or vintage...I love it all! Just send me a comment with your interest to be featured, and I will try to come up with some clever interview questions!

Have a good weekend everyone!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Here I am

Oh, all of my blogging friends are probably wondering where I've been! Just kidding, I just kind of gave up on the blogging world. I was going to do a contest, but it seems silly with only a few visitors on my blog..not that I don't appreciate the ones that are stopping by! Thank you! It's given me a chance to check out other blogs..there are so great ones out there!
How about this little green hen..he'd be a great prize for someone..what do you think! He's just a baby, so he needs to go to a good home!
Leave me a comment and I will pick someone on September 29th!
Have a good-rest-of-the-week everyone!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I keep talking about it! I'm just going to give it a try! But not tonight!! Tomorrow! When I have more time to figure out exactly what it will be! Something that's not too heavy..most of my items are fragile/and/or heavy!

So keep watching...tomorrow for sure!!

It's coming!!

and here's a special hello to Lynda!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank YOU!

I'm so excited! Wow!! 8 comments on my blog, boy am I popular, or what!!?

Thanks to you guys...keep the comments coming! I keep saying I'm going to do a contest and now that I have some people viewing my blog, I'm ready!!

So what should I give away!!?? check out my etsy shop and see what you think! My stuff is usually kind of heavy and fragile, so I would like to stick with something smaller.

Oh --I have the cutest little Santa, maybe that? Here it is..what do you think!?

Friday, September 5, 2008

New website

I have a brand new website (don't worry, I still have my Etsy shop!), check it out at
I only have three items listed so far..but keep checking!

I still want to have a giveway and need suggestions, so anyone out there that has done giveaways at their blog, let me know your ideas please!

It's been a rainy day here, but I'm one of those people that actually likes it! I wouldn't like it everyday, or if I had to be out in it working...but there's something kind of cozy about it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Isn't Positive Feedback Wonderful!

I am sure everyone feels the same way I do...when you see you've received a glowing, positive feedback from your customer..it's just the best!

I appreciate everyone one of my sales! I package everything extra carefully, since most of my shipments are fragile. I love to wrap them and add cute bows...I've always enjoyed wrapping gifts..so this is definitely one of my favorite things about my Etsy shop.

But back to the feedback! Thank you to everyone of my customers, and I special thank you to those of you that took the time to leave such thoughtful feedback...back at ya!