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Friday, September 19, 2008

I feel so bad!

My daughter, Lindsey, just got here, from Columbus, and saw my hen that I'm giving away...and she practically laughed, no wait, she did laugh! She said.."this is the hen you're giving away".and I answered, yes, why!? and she said "it looks huge on your blog!"

So now I feel bad..I didn't mean to mislead anyone..of course it couldn't be a huge hen, the shipping would be crazy! This little green guy is adorable, no matter what his size is..but you want to know his size?

okay-here it is--is approx 3 3/4" in length and from bottom to the top of his head he is almost 3 1/2" tall! He's cute!!

I'm so happy to have 10 comments..I feel so popular! I love this giveaway idea so much, I'm trying to think of what I will giveaway next!

Also...I think it's a great idea to feature people on their blogs, which I've done..and I have been featured on other blogs. So...that will be my next endeavor..feature more of you talented Etsyians on my blog...handmade or vintage...I love it all! Just send me a comment with your interest to be featured, and I will try to come up with some clever interview questions!

Have a good weekend everyone!



Vonlipi said...

Hi I am so glad I found your blog (and all because of Flickr). Your posts are genuine and funny! I know what you mean when you say that not a lot of people read your blog...I always feel like I am alone and why do I bother writing if nobody is going to read me....Hang in there,nad keep blogging coz' I found you interesting!

Jen said...

what a sweet note from vonlipi!! thank you so much!

w said...

ok. the hen. the size.

perfect for my pocket.

i'd carry her around all day. if i won. ahem.