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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well...homecoming is tonight! I took lots of pictures! The 2nd one is of my two beautiful daughters, Lindsey and Katherine! Katherine is 15 and all dressed up for the homecoming dance! You would not believe how many dresses we bought...and how many I returned,until she had finally decided on this gorgeous blue one...until...she saw a prettier one at the dillards website..so I went and picked it up as a surprise for her. It looked beautiful! I even posted a pic or two on my flickr account!

Well, guess what! She started having 2nd thoughts, and found a dress that Lindsey had, that she got a few years ago at urban outfitters, with the tags still on it! (Yes...all three of us our quite the fashionistas!...I have a whole room dedicated to my clothes). So this pic you see of Katherine, is her with Lindsey's dress! We will probably keep the pink one from Dillards for the winter formal!

Katherine and all of her friends looked absolutely adorable...!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



Suzan said...

Thank you so much for your comment to my blog that was my first comment..

Leah said...

Hi, I love vintage so I'm off to check your store, you sound like me with a new blog and giveaway idea, I can't decide, but want to do one too. The hen is cute! Good Luck!