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Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's Dinner Time!

First, I would like to say how excited I am to have some many of you interested in my little hen! But it's going to make me sad that only one of you can win...so I am definitely going to have another giveway!

I love to cook! I find it's usually healthier and cheaper, just to make it myself. Don't get me wrong..I love to eat dinner out occassionally. We have a favorite tiny little Italian restaurant that we love, called Bucci's. I usually get pasta primavera there!

I decided to take some pictures of the dinner I made tonight, but I really can't take good night pictures, they were either too bright with the flash, or too dark w/out the flash. I'm hoping to find somewhere to take photography lessons. Okay...anyways..just use your imagination! I'm adding some of the pics even though they're a little blurry..the food was good and that's what counts!

I made a spinach salad (I love spinach) and added red pepper, radishes, celery, red onion, strawberries (yes, strawberries), green olives and black olives, yummy little tomatoes...I know I'm missing something, but anyways..it was so good! Oh...and notice the size differences in the salads!? My husband has been having stomach problems so he can't eat too much at one time..so sad!

I also love to make salad dressing..just use your imagination!! It's healthier, and again, less expensive! I just added some red wine vinegar, some gourmet mustard, honey, and olive oil, a little garlic salt, and pepper, and whisked that up!

For the scallops, we had the small ones. I started with olive oil and just a touch of butter (gotta have it~!)..cooked the scallops on medium heat for maybe about 4 minutes, then turned them over and cooked them for awhile on the other side..I like them to get a little brown crust on them. I also added some red onion, but I have also sauted up a bunch of veggies and put that over the scallops or salmon (my favorite).
Oh--and be sure to sprinkle fresh lemon on the scallops! I used some really pretty...and very old..bowls that were my Grandmothers...use your pretty stuff..I keep having to remind myself to do that!

How's that!?

Please feel free to share recipes!! I'm addicted to the food channel..it is always on in our house!


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Cathy said...

You are making me hungry Jen and I have just had dinner...lol. Nice photos and yummy food though.