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Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm Officially the Worst Blogger

Hello--so sorry to all my "fans" for not posting to my blog for so long!

I've been so busy! My Etsy shop, actually, both of my Etsy shops, have really taken off...and I'm busy packaging and mailing everyday! I love that I am shipping all over the world! I have shipped to Australia, the UK, Japan, Italy, Canada...I have a feeling I'm missing someone...and I will be shipped to Malaysia soon!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!

I am feeling very positive about the new year! Last year I was comfortably in a part time job that I had forever, but was laid off at the end of March...devastated...but now, finding that it's the best thing that could have happened to me! It has opened a whole new world for me! I absolutely love Etsy and adore all of the things I sell (otherwise, I would not sell them..I have to love them too!). Not only that, I have met so many wonderful, positive, people..friends, and I am grateful for that!

I also have been working out like crazy! At first, it was to relieve stress. Actually, the first night after I learned I was going to be laid off, I went directly to the rec center and worked out like mad for over an hour! Well....I have lost at least 10 lbs, probably a little more. I am in no way bragging. I am just saying to everyone out there (I know you're there!), that change can be good! Plus...I know, there are so many people are there in worst circumstances than mine and I consider myself lucky!

Gratitude has been my word for 2008. For 2009, I am not sure what my word will be...but I'm thinking it will be perseverance...I have a great little part time job (2 days a week), and I really admire the owner of this company. He is the ultimate salesman and truly a good guy. It's kind of weird, I feel like I've known him forever. Sometimes when it's just the two of us in the office (it's a small office), we'll just chat forever, and the phone will ring (I'm the one that's supposed to answer it), and Pat will answer it...I forget that's my job, because he really just treats me like a buddy! I think it's helped me to work there and watch the way he is on the go all the time. I watch the way he works and it motivates me! So thanks to Pat...yes, my word for 2009 will be PERSEVERANCE! I hope that is spelled right...you know what I mean!

So here's to gratitude...that's important to always have! And here's to perseverance...keep going..you can do it!

Here's to the best year of my life...and yours...2009! and thank goodness for spell check-perseverance!


Kim S. said...

Hear! Hear! We'll take it on together, my friend!

Cathy said...

God luck with 2009 and I hope you and the family have a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog!! WOW! INTERNATIONAL!! So now when I see something I can't live without, I better go for it before it gets sent overseas where it will be out of my reach forever. You know, your etsy shop is a real treat for me. Everything there has such a nostalgic happiness to it. Glad to hear you're busy, and have a sweet part time job as well. Have a blessed Christmas and joyous New Year!! Your words for last year the the coming year are priceless!!!

jenscloset said...

Thanks so much for your comments!! It motivates me to post again!