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Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa...or something else...the spirit is the same! The feeling of excitement! Of spending time with friends and family! Buying and wrapping that special gift for that special someone. Giving to those in need!

All of these things help to make the holiday special and memorable. It's tough to slow down and enjoy it all, I know. Today is Christmas Eve and I have been running around like a crazy woman. Writing this quick post reminds me to take it slow, everything will be wonderful, even if all the gifts to get wrapped!

I will also take this time to remember someone that I miss dearly. My best friend...who happens to be...my Mom! She's been gone for awhile now, but I know her spirit is here with us, not only during Christmas, but always. This woman had the biggest heart. As a child she had to bear a lot of heartache. She went on to become a mom to five children. Since she did not have a real parental role model, she read books. But she really didn't need books. She just was a special person, and the best Mom in the world. I don't think of this as a sad time, but a happy time. She always make Christmas fun! My Mom would "sneak" extra" gifts to me.

So remember those who are no longer with us...think of the fun (and funny!) times you had with them! You can't help but have the Christmas spirit.

I wish everyone a joyful Holiday season, sit back (or try!)...and enjoy! Create new memories!

Thank you to all of my blogging friends...and to new ones I will meet in the new year!

Happy New Year..best wishes to all!


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Vyeshi said...

nice blog! i could compete for being the worst blogger though. i haven't blogged in weeks!!