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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friends...Real Friends..Hard to Find!

You have acquaintances..you have friends from work, and those are nice. But I'm talking about real friends.

The friends that stand by you. They stand by you even though you have flaws. They stand by you even though they really know you. That is called unconditional love. and it's hard to find. I have that for my children, and my husband, Bob...no matter what they do..I will always love them.

It's important to have people in your life like that. No matter what you do or say...they love you!

This picture..it portrays a wonderful friendship! This is my husband Bob and his cousin/best friend, "Frawley". Sometimes I forget he has a first name. It's John. But I call him Frawley and so does my husband Bob!

We went to a Cleveland State basketball game last night. Usually it's "Frawley", Bob, and Mark, my "almost-17-yr old", Mark. I had a wonderful time, and was almost jealous of the relationship that Bob and Frawley have! But I'm not...because I can see why my husband Bob has been friends with Frawley forever..he's a good guy, and more important, a good friend!

Be grateful for true friends...they're hard to come by!
By the way...I do have a best friend, and it happens to also be my daughter, Lindsey! She knows me...and stands by me, and is always there for me..thank you Lindsey! It's been quite a year...turned out to be a fabulous year, but when I thought things weren't so great, Lindsey drove from Columbus to Cleveland to be there for me!
Thanks Friend!
Love Your Mom/Jen


Devin said...

Having friend are Awesome.Friend are flowers that never fade...
I Love that saying ,I have a stamp that has that on it it use it on everything for my friends.

Bridget said...

real true love you no matter what friends are a rare gift. I'm thankful for mine as you are for yours.

alfcreations said...

So true Jen. I thank God every morning for my husband, as he is my best friend in the world, and keeps me going!

lisianblue said...

Hi Jen

That's really awesome that your husband has such a good friend - many men don't have friendships like that.
It's wonderful that your daughter is also your best friend.
Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

What a wonderful reminder. As the years have gone on, I'm finding more and more who my friends truly are and as a result devoting a great deal of love and appreciation to them. My husband and my grandmother have been insurmountably supportive and unconditionally accepting of me-all of me, through the best and worst of times. I am indeed grateful.