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Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Latest Purchase from Etsy! Kimberly Shaw!

I really still cannot believe all the talent on Etsy!

I am so glad I found Kimberly Shaw! I first found her on Flickr and loved her pictures of teacups and then found her shop at http://www.kimberlyshawgraphics.com/ ...I was then so happy to find out she opened a shop on Etsy! http://www.kimberlysteacottage.etsy.com/ !!!

Well, of course, I had to order from her shop! I am so glad I did! I not only received the 3 lovely teacup cards with a little teabag tucked in them, but also adorable teacup stickers, an extra card, and an extra tea for me to try!

I love tea, but my daughter and her boyfriend enjoy it even more, so I know I am sending them a card! My sister is also a tea lover so I will be sending one her way!

Check out both of Kimberly's shops! They're adorable and you'll be happy you stopped by!


Cathy said...

She has some lovely pictures on her sites Jen. Very detailed watercolours and very reasonably priced too.

HelenesDreams.etsy.com said...

Hi Jen. I think your closet is beautiful. Just so you know!

Devin said...

those are so unique and fun

Jemjoop said...

Hadn't seen Kimberly Shaw on Etsy yet, love her work!

kimberlyshaw said...

Jen, You are so sweet to me!! Thanks for all your kind words and for ordering my tea stationery. Thanks for this wonderful post!!! Jenscloset is my #1 favorite Etsy shop!!! Hugs, Kim