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Thursday, November 29, 2012

On Call Estate Sale

Pretty Kitty
I thought I should blog about my access to an estate sale that seems to go on forever!  I know I've tweeted about it, but I thought it would be fun to tell you more about it!

Anchor Hocking Forest Green Charm
 I guess it was several months ago that I was at antique show, and found this awesome booth full of kitschy cute cat and frog figurines!  The booth was being run by a woman and twins in their 20's.

I realized after talking to them for just a second, that I knew them!  Marilyn was the aunt of one of my daughter's best friends Lauren!  Marilyn's Mom had passed away and she used to collect and sell vintage and antiques.

She had a house full of things, and they were trying to sell them at antique shows (and the boys were selling some on Ebay).

Twist your head to see these...Shiny Brites!
   So I told them that I sell these kinds of things on Etsy, and gave them my card.  They contacted me, and I went over to the Grandma's house, and oh my gosh!  Rooms filled with the cutest things! Everywhere!

Shelves of cute kitschy cats, frogs, and more!  Two room upstairs are filled with vintage Christmas ornaments.  There is costume jewelry, vintage toys, etc.  Oh, and the cutest vintage handbags!

So I just contact them about every 2 weeks, and go over there, and shop!  I just went back today, but we've already planned that I'll go back next week to get some more Christmas items and maybe pick up some costume jewelry.

I also am friends with a group of great guys that run estate sales, and I was just at one of their sales today, and the owner, said he'll have an estate sale coming up in January, but he's going to have me check it out in a few weeks, because it's full of milk glass and he knows I love milk glass!

How lucky am I!!?  

Happy Thursday!


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