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Friday, November 2, 2012

I Miss My Barbies!

I had this outfit!
Oh how I wish I still had all of my Barbie's, and the cute outfits!  Years ago, when my Mom and Dad were moving out of our family home into a smaller condo, my Mom sold all of my Barbie's at a garage sale!  I was living in Colorado at the time and had no clue!

I loved Skipper too!
 Skipper looks so cute in this pink outfit!  Yes, I had this one too!  

Don't get me wrong, I love my Mom, she was my best friend!  She passed away suddenly in 1994, but if she was here, we would actually be having a good laugh about what she did!

  I can't remember if I had this outfit or not, but I love it!

Love this shot of Barbie!
 My daughter Lindsey started collecting vintage Barbie's and all of the cute vintage outfits years ago!  I have them stored somewhere in our house, and since she's now married, and living in Columbus, I should bring them to her!

I really would love to start collecting the vintage Barbie's, and her cute outfits, so if anyone has theirs that they no longer want, let me know!

Happy Friday!


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ChatterBlossom said...

I can't believe you had some of those! They were gorgeous! Your daughter must love collecting with you now.