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Friday, October 26, 2012

Mushroom Rice Soup

Jen's Mushroom Rice Soup  
I love making soup, especially when the weather turns colder! The past 2 days were absolutely gorgeous, sunny and 70!  But, today is much different!

My Mother-in-law, Grace, gave us several cans of mushrooms, so I thought....why not use them and make a soup!

I started by sauteing onions with butter and olive oil.  Once they were pretty tender, I added 3 cans of the mushrooms (drained); they're smaller cans.  I season each layer with a bit of salt & pepper.

I then added 2 cans of chicken broth and about 3/4 cup of white rice.  I wanted to add some wild rice I had (I think that would have been even better), but that would have taken 45 minutes to cook, and I was hungry!  I also added about a 1/4 cup of black beans (throw in some protein wherever you can!).

I seasoned mine with a dash of garlic salt, a tiny dash of sage, italian seasoning, dash of dried parsley flakes, tarragon, and thyme. You can add whatever seasonings you love!

I cooked that at a low heat, with the lid on, for about 15 minutes, to cook the rice.  I then added some cream, probably about 1/2 cup.

I make a lot of soups, and I think this is definitely my favorite, so far!

Bon Appetit!


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ChatterBlossom said...

This sounds delicious! I love me some soup in the fall. Makes you feel so toasty! ;-)