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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Milk Glass Christmas Arrangement

Busy Busy Season! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and now ready for the Christmas season!

I've been busy listing in both of my shops and thinking of more ideas to show you so you can create your own one of a kind vintage decorations!

Here I took one of my thumbprint milk glass vase (you can find them at http://www.mymilkglassshop.etsy.com/ ) . I started with some of that florist foam tucked inside the vase. I added some moss for filler and plenty of shiny pretty glass ornaments. I also tucked in several different colors of ribbon. I did glue gun most of the items just so they were securely on there! The only tools I needed were scissors and a glue gun! Glue guns are very inexpensive (you can get the smaller ones for about $7.00!). I need to do a little "tweaking" to this arrangement, the glue strands seem to be never ending, so I need to get rid of a few more of those random threads.

I may be putting this one up for sale in my milk glass shop soon!

So get your glue gun, a vase (doesn't have to be milk glass of course!), moss, ornaments, pretty ribbons (there are so many varieties out there)...and start creating!

Happy Holidays!!


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