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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Be Specific

I cannot say that enough. Twitter reminded me of this favorite quote of mine!

Be specific!

What do you want?

You're not sure!?

Start a journal. Start a scrapbook. Rip out pictures in magazines of whatever you love-fashion, cars, room designs, it's okay! It's not an awul thing to focus on material things! As long as you are balancing it with the core values of who you are and what you really want-besides all that "stuff"!! The stuff is great-but not without all that really matters! If all that "stuff" is gone-what's still there?

Answer: it's the "stuff" -the real stuff that matters! You!! Your family! Your values!

So go ahead-make your scrap book-add the car you want-the interior design stuf you love (I happen to love everything in "Traditional Home" magazine! Add all of it! Do not be ashamed! As long as your only focus is not on these "things"-you'll do okay!

So go ahead-make your list-check it twice-it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or nice-
what you
wish for!

Dreams to come true!!


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