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Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Here! Welcome 2009!

It's 2009! Well....did you make any new years resolutions!? Have you already broke them!?

Every year I see a new bunch of well-intentioned people join our rec center and the place is packed in January! This year they seemed to start a little early..towards the end of December I noticed a lot more activity. I noticed something diffferent this year too...a lot more couples. It's a good idea to have a partner when you're starting out, I think it's less intimidating. Everyone looks so eager!

But...by February, I would say the crowds have died down. And by March...I have the place to myself again, except for the rest of us regulars.

It's tough to stay with anything, but if you stick with it..you'll notice changes. Not just physically, but mentally. I'm talking about working out, but I think this can pertain to any goal you're shooting for. You will feel energized when you realize your our obtaining the goals you set out to achieve! You'll be proud, and it will motivate you to do more!

So whether you've decided to workout or save more money, or whatever...you CAN do it! When you feel like giving up, push yourself. By the end of 2009 you'll find that you've achieved more than you ever thought possible. What a feeling that will be, right!?

So go on....do it! Just do it!


Cathy said...

Very inspiring post Jen. I am definitely joining Weight Watchers tomorrow and seeing it through till the end...lol. Happy New Year to us all.

jenscloset said...

Cathy, good luck!! I know you can do it!

heather said...

I love that gorgeous little teal glass dish! I am in love with that particular color. I have it all throughout my house! =)