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Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Pyrex That Got Away!

It's haunting me!! I went to a church rummage sale yesterday, hoping to find some great Pyrex pieces! When I arrived, 15 minutes before opening, there was already quite a line of people waiting to get in! I started talking with everyone around me, and one nice lady had been to this sale every year for quite awhile, so she knew her way around! I told her my interest was in glass and kitchenware, and she told me exactly where to go!

So I went to the correct room, and found some fabulous milk glass, but alas, no Pyrex to be seen anywhere! Well...that is, until I was in line to pay, and there, right in front of me...yes, I could have touched it...was the prettiest Pink Oval Casserole with a lid....for $1.00. Yes, you heard me right, $1.00! But it belonged to the lady in front of me...oh how I wish I would have offered her a little more for it, maybe she would have done it! I happened to be looking around on Etsy, and there it was, like a tease, someone had listed one just yesterday (in another state, so it couldn't have been that lady!).

So, I need to move on and forget about it! Good news is I did find some pretty things! Some beautiful china that I will list soon!

I hope everyone had a nice weekend..the weather here was gorgeous! Sunny and the perfect temperature..just cool enough!

Best wishes to all!



Amber Rose said...

Oh no :( Sorry to hear you missed out on that one! Well, what goes around comes around, and I'm sure it'll come back to you sooner or later! :)

Cathy said...

What a shame you missed out Jen. Perhaps that little old lady was steering you away from the pyrex..he he. It sounds as if the lucky lady had a great bargain though.

jenscloset said...

Never thought of that Cathy! That's probably it! Sinister Pyrex people!~

Vonlipi said...

Yes Jen beware of the crazy Pyrex people!!! (I know I am one of them....)LOL

I am sure you are going to find a better one, don't worry about it ;)