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Friday, October 10, 2008

It's Friday!

I just thought I'd tell you that in case you didn't know! Yep! It's Friday! I hope everyone had a good week...with all this negative talk about the economy, things seem to be a little slower for everyone in regards to their shops. It just means you have to get out there and market your shop a little more!

I have been shopping (again!), and found some great new things to add to my shop. My problem is...I have enough! Wait, I'll change that, I have TOO much, and it's taking over my house! I'm thinking of having a Christmas Open House and people can check out my lovely vintage items in person..and maybe I can sell my overstocked inventory!

Has anyone had an open house tell sell things? I have helped my daughter with several jewelry parties and those were always very successful! And they're fun! We always brought a bottle of wine as a thank you to the hostess, and plus, depending on the total sales, she would get a discount on what she purchased! It's just one big fun party, where you actually make money too!

So today I will go to my usual Friday morning Bosu class (ever heard of Bosu?), and after that I will try to take some more pictures and get a few more things listed. I may stop in to my new place of employment to chat with the other girl in the office. She just got back from Europe, and her boyfriend proposed to her in the Eiffel Tower, try to beat that one! How romantic! So I need to chat with her to get all the details! We usually don't work together, I work the days she doesn't work, so I try to get in when she's there so we can chat, and I haven't seen her for a couple of weeks, so that will be nice!

Take care everyone!!



BlossomingTree said...

Never had an open house but it sounds like a neat idea. And I have no idea what Bosu is LOL.

BTW, you've been tagged.:) Please visit my blog to read my 7 facts and the rules if you wish to play along.

jenscloset said...

bosu is a half of a ball, usually used with the flat side down and you do aerobics on it--it's a lot of fun and a good work out-
okay-blossomingtree-I'll check out this tagging thing rt now!

Jen said...

Jen, I just gave you an award! Come see: http://10oneworld.blogspot.com

jenscloset said...

thanks jen, I'll check it out!

Cathy said...

Bosu sounds fascinating Jen. Is it one of those things you keep falling off...lol? I think I would anyway. Good luck with the destashing. We have car boot sales in England which are literally sales from the boot of your car or most people use a put up table. They are held in huge fields or indoor gymnasiums etc and you can get some absolutely amazing stuff and also some incredibly dreadful stuff - so take your pick. I read about one lady recently who had puchased a £1box of trinkets which were fairly worthless but in the bottom was a vintage diamond and pearl necklace worth thousands. Lucky devil.