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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vintage Percolators for Sale!

Retro Corning Green Medallion Percolator
Well gosh-darn-it!  I have several of these very cool Corning Ware vintage percolators.  I even gave one to my mother-in-law, and she loves it and uses it everyday!

Fresh stove top coffee!
 I guess there was a recall on them, I think it's because of an issue with the handle coming off?  Anyways, I had some listed on Etsy awhile back and they made me take them down due to the recall (that's how I found out about it).

I just recently posted them on Ebay, and was getting bids of them.  I actually sold one with the buy-it-now option, but today Ebay pulled the rest of them off the site.  Boo-hoo!

Classic Cornflower Blue
 So I thought I'd tell my blogger friends about them, in case anyone wants one! I'm selling them cheap cheap cheap just to get rid of them at this point!  I would not sell them if I thought there was a hazard, like I said, my mother-in-law uses hers everyday!  Come to think of it, I haven't talked to her in a couple of days (just kidding).

They range in sizes from 6 cup to 10 cup.  I also have a cute Spice of Life one that has part of the metal insert, but not the lid to the metal insert.

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paul shaffer said...

How much do you want for the Blue flower one. And how do i get in touch with you.

jenscloset said...

Hi Paul-$15 plus shipping-you can contact me at chinagirl.jen@gmail.com