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Friday, March 1, 2013

Old Books

As you may know, I have a passion for antiques and vintage!  I have my own personal (and quite large) collection of old books.  I especially love old history books!  I not only love reading old books, I love the look and the smell (yes the smell) of old books!

Today I sold a 1936 novel titled "Yang and Yin". I really did not know anything about the book, except that it was red and I loved the title!

It turns out to be more interesting than I thought!  My customer, Susan, told me that her Mom actually referenced this book in her diary back in the 1930's.

Wait, it gets even more interesting!  The diary by Joan Wehlen Morrison was turned into a book and edited by her daughter, Susan Signe Morrison!  The book is available for purchase, so be sure to check out my link for more information!

Home Front Girl 

Yes, one of the reasons I have my Etsy shops is to make money, of course, but it goes deeper than that.  At least once a week I hear a story from one of my customers about why they have purchased a certain item.  Often I hear from my customers that the item brings back special memories from their childhood.  I love that!

Follow your passion...and Happy March!


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