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Monday, August 13, 2012

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Katherine and the Mayberry Pickers

I try to have fun wherever I go!  We just returned from our annual August trip to Cocoa Beach!

I will blog more about other adventures soon, but I thought I'd do a quick blog about one of our stops at a West Virginia rest stop!  

That's me gettin' down with the Mayberry Pickers!
 That poor guy on the right is wondering why they let me join them!  When Katherine and I first saw them, my first reaction was, I have to get a picture of this!  Katherine was a bit worried that they wouldn't like that, so I plopped some cash in one of their cases (others had done the same), and asked them if it was alright if I got a picture of them.

It was more than alright, they invited Katherine to join them, and then even let the old broad (moi) try it out!

What a nice group of people, and great music too!!



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