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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One of Those Days

We've all had them! One of those days! Then that one thing happens...and that's when you realize, it really has been one of those days!

I try not to fret when I break some material item...I let it go pretty quick! It's over and one with..so what are you going to do!? Mope about it!?

Yes!! Today I am going to mope about it! Give me another hour and I'll be fine! It's just been one of those days...few days, to be exact! So the cute frosty aqua pitcher is getting the full blame for everything!

It's my fault for cleaning..I should have never done that! The cute pitcher was up on my kitchen counter..I just bought it recently..and it was so cute--I just had to have it there! Then I had to go and wipe the counter...and BAM!! ran my hand right by the pitcher, and the handle just snapped right off-or cracked right off...whatever! My sweet son, Mark, said.."maybe you can glue it back on"...great idea..but there's a gaping hole where it cracked off!

So...it's not really about the pitcher..it's about the day. I will forget about the pitcher and move on, but sometimes it's good to just vent and get it over with!

Thus...this post on my blog...for all of us that have had those days! We all have! Write about it, get it out on paper, or on your blog and then let it go!

Thanks to all my twitter friends for there kind words!



Casual Cottage said...

Jen....I say the problem all started when you cleaned. No good can come from cleaning! :)

Hope your day gets better.


jenscloset said...

Thanks Marilyn! I'll never clean again!

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

Hi Jen!! Happy anniversary!!