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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Decorating Ideas and Avon Calling!

I just met with an Avon district manager...and I am now signed up to sell Avon! I can't wait to start getting orders! I will get a link to my new Avon site up so everyone can order Avon from me!

Now...remember a few posts ago, I had pictures of some table settings using my vintage shop items? Well, I want to keep up the idea of helping you to see how you can use vintage in your home in an elegant and classic way!

Here's a few pics of how I use vintage in my home!

I hope everyone is having a productive and successful week!



Ashley said...

Very pretty!

Sedie said...

I love the vase cluster in the first picture, very nice!

Cathy said...

Very elegant items Jen. Good luck with Avon btw.

Estela said...

love those vases!