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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shipping Step One

As promised, here's step 1 in shipping fragile items:

Invest in a $40 official U.S.P.S. scale!  You can order it online at http://www.usps.com/ or our post office actually sells them too!  These are helpful for not only weighing fragile, heavier items, but I use it for getting my shipping information for my jewelry that I sell.

You'll notice a box in my picture too.  That's just a smaller box that will fit on my scale that I've packed with some packing material to simulate the weight of the item with a box/packing material.

I will place my box on the scale and then the item.  I usually figure it's still going to be approximately 1 lb more when it's all said & done.

Next thing you'll need is the handy dandy shipping information that can also be obtained at http://www.usps.com/ they have the rates for priority (which is what I usually use), parcel post, and 1st class (I use for my jewelry).  Remember...USPS shipping costs are going up soon!

I'll stop here and explain more about that tomorrow, including international shipping information.  (If you haven't started shipping internationally, I do recommend it; I've had so many sales from international buyers).

Stay tuned....and Happy New Year!!



vintage eye said...

Great shipping tips!

alchemiss said...

I appreciate your tips on shipping. I sell a few things on
Artfire and always dread figuring these charges. - C. Sonoff

polka dot skies said...

I still need to get a scale! Glad to know there is a good one that does not cost a fortune!